The Royle Family

A little about us

Working with Royle is to have an experienced, creatively driven production department in your corner without the overhead.  We partner with agencies and brands to make highly-crafted advertising film and content on a project basis. 

We can manage the entire production process, from script clearance, budgeting, shoot and post-production to supply, plus all aspects of business affairs, whatever is right for your project.

Whatever the production opportunity, we put our all into crafting the best work for our clients, whether we’re partnering with one of the big name production companies or producing in-house.  


Sarah Marcon                        Head of Production


Victoria Clark                          Head of Client Service & Ops

Amanda Levett                    Head of Business Affairs


Agnes Szyperek                              Production Manager

Toni Hambleton                        Assistant Producer


The Advisory Board


Sir John Hegarty


Robbie Cowan

Nigel Maile


Our Founder, the late Frances Royle

Frances Royle was one of the most respected Producers in the ad industry with a reputation built on craft and value.  She launched Royle Productions to offer a new way for brands and agencies to manage their production requirements and gain access to the best possible production resource.  She passed away in 2017.

Join Us

We are always on the look out for talented producers so if interested, please send us your CV.